The FXO stands for excellent image quality. The fast CoaXPress-12 interface gives the camera outstanding properties in terms of trigger latency and constant data rate.

An excellent, low-noise image with high dynamics is complemented by a comprehensive feature set. The Sony Pregius S sensors used are characterized by high light sensitivity and best homogeneity. Signal voltages, temperature resistance, I/O control, integrated strobe controller and firmware features are geared towards applications in demanding industrial automation.

Technical highlights:

  • Sony Pregius S sensor, low-noise electronics
  • GenICam 3.0 software interface
  • CoaXPress-12 single lane
  • LUT, binning, ROI
  • Electrical and optical inputs
  • Up to 60°C operating temperature
  • Integrated 4-channel strobe controller
  • Industrial TTL-24V I/O interface with SafeTrigger, logic functions, programmable sequencers and timers, RS232 interface

Areas of application

The environment of the FXO CoaXPress is characterized by the highest demands on data rate and latency behavior. The thin CoaXPress cable can be used to power the camera (PoCXP) and is suitable for distances up to 25m.

The integrated GenICam strobe controller effectively saves costs by reducing components. In plant engineering, the fast FXO scores with the latest sensor technology and the extended temperature range, many I/O interfaces and the integrated strobe controller.

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