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Adapters for
Industrial image processing

It all comes down to the right connection! Focusable objectives can simplify and accelerate inspection solutions.

EF adapters open up new possibilities.

Industrial inspection systems become more flexible, faster and less complex in their application.

SVS-Vistek now offers the new SVS-EF adapter, which allows control of Canon EF-mount lenses directly from the camera. Many current industrial inspection solutions still use fixed focal length lenses. However, the trend here is towards more flexible solutions, and the demand for focusable lenses is increasing. An inspection solution should be able to quickly adapt to new products or even better, in the sense of Industry 4.0 (batch size 1 piece), to the respective object. Focusable lenses are an important part of this, as they enable the inspection of objects of different sizes. SVS-Vistek industrial cameras of the EXO, FXO and HR series therefore now support focusable lenses with Canon EF mount using the new SVS-EF adapter. It enables and simplifies flexible inspection solutions with all SVS-Vistek camera models.

Until now, the search for a suitable combination of cameras and components for a solution with focusable lenses was severely limited. Often, the components did not fit together and/or additional proprietary drivers for lens control had to be integrated, which significantly increased the complexity. With the SVS-EF adapter, all EXO, FXO and HR series cameras now offer a slim alternative with the highest image quality. The user thus has a wide choice of cameras for any application. 


Camera controls lenses

The solution is simple: just like an SLR, the camera should control the lens. And the new SVS-EF adapter offers just that - seamless integration of the lens into the camera's GenICam tree. In doing so, the camera takes over the control as well as the power supply of the lens. The SVS-EF adapter allows the connection of all Canon EF and Canon EF-S series lenses. Additional hardware and software is not necessary. All SVS-Vistek cameras of the EXO, FXO and HR series with C-mount, M42 and M58 support the new SVS-EF adapter.

Inspect faster

Demanding robotic inspection systems benefit particularly from focusable lenses, as the travel times of the robot arm, camera or object can be significantly reduced. With the new SVS-EF adapter, excellent results can be achieved even at the highest resolutions. In combination with the integrated Multichannel Strobe Controller, this creates extremely lean and efficient applications.

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