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LED lighting systems and accessories

The correct handling of light is the key to success in industrial image processing. This is because light has a direct influence on the subsequent software tools and significantly determines your solution strategy.

Here's what you should pay attention to:

In order to meet the requirements of industrial image processing from the lighting side as well, a variety of different lighting technologies are necessary, for which the following must be considered above all: geometry of the illumination, color of the illumination, service life, availability - especially in highly productive environments. Our experienced specialists will be happy to help you find the optimal lighting system for your application:

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Our brands and partners


    The Japanese manufacturer of optical components offers a wide range of lenses, lighting, and light guides for industrial image processing. The company entered into a cooperation with Schott in 2013. Since 2015, it has been operating again under the name MORITEX. In 2023, MORITEX Corporation was acquired by Cognex Corporation. The acquisition was completed on October 18, 2023. Cognex acquired MORITEX from Trustar Capital, a private equity affiliate of CITIC Capital Holdings Limited, for about 40 billion yen, which is approximately 275 million US dollars.

    MORITEX offers a Lens Selector on its website, which allows you to quickly find the right lens for your application:
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  • OPT Machine Vision

    OPT Machine Vision is a Chinese brand that specializes in the field of machine vision. They offer a wide range of advanced vision inspection solutions, including high-precision industrial cameras, optical lenses, and image processing software. OPT Machine Vision's products are widely used in industries such as manufacturing, electronics, semiconductor, automotive, medical, and logistics. Their products are renowned for their excellent performance, stability, and reliability, meeting various customer inspection needs. OPT Machine Vision is committed to innovative research and development, constantly introducing new technologies and products to meet the evolving market demands. They have a professional team that provides high-quality pre-sales and after-sales services, ensuring customers have the best user experience. OPT Machine Vision is a leading brand in the Chinese machine vision industry, dedicated to providing customers with high-quality vision inspection solutions.

  • 3AMechatronic

    3AMechatronic, known as 3AM, is a leading manufacturer of LED lights, LED dimmers and related products. Established in 2002, 3AM has a professional R&D team and efficient production lines that prioritize technological innovation and high-quality products. The company is committed to providing the best products, service and technical support to its customers, which include many automation systems and machine vision systems manufacturers. 3AM holds patents for LED light innovations, and its products are CE approved and RoHS compliant.

    In addition to producing and selling standardized commodities, 3AM also provides ODM services, helping customers to apply LED lights and dimmers in the development of machine vision systems. With its vast technological expertise and years of experience in the application of LED lights, 3AM deeply understands its customers’ needs and is able to assist them in solving problems. Through continuous quality improvements, 3AM has earned a reputation for providing reliable and high-performing LED products that meet the demands of its diverse customer base.

Comprehensive range of products

Our product range covers many brands and manufacturers, as well as almost every conceivable application: Lighting systems and illuminators from 3AM, effilux, Lumimax, Microscan, Moritex, OPT Machine Vision and other manufacturers LED and Power-LED illuminations Continuous and flash lighting LED, halogen, fiber optic, laser and projectors Ring-, area-, background-, darkfield-, dome-, point-, coaxial, CDI, SCDI and multi-line illuminators Defined, telecentric, focused, diffuse, polarized Illumination angles Various color spectra such as white, blue, green, red, UV, IR for 12V and 24V, direct current and alternating current