The interface standard CoaXPress was developed to meet the need for higher bandwidth generated by recently launched sensors. SVS-Vistek is providing CoaXPress cameras with 4 CXP-6 lines. Thus, the CXP data interface is providing 25 GBit/s.

The HR series with CoaXPress is focusing on latest CMOS sensors with highest resolutions. Excellent thermal design and electronics provide superb image quality and low (structured) noise. The HR is a high end industrial camera packed with features:

  • ROI, LUT, Binning, Offset
  • Power over CoaXPress
  • Flat field correction, shading correction
  • Defect pixel correction
  • Integrated LED strobe controller
  • Up to 25 GBit/sec with Quad CoaXPress
  • Industrial 24V I/O Interface with SafeTrigger, programmable logics, sequencer and timers, RS232



CoaXPress can be operated on very thin cables and is specified for long distance data cables. CoaXPress works best with very fast CMOS sensors.
Demanding inspection applications benefit from the unique combination of high resolution, high framerates and the possibilty of long distances between camera and host system.

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