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A perfect marriage: The EXO with Sony Pregius sensors

13 April 2016 – SVCam Products
A perfect marriage: The EXO with Sony Pregius sensors
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EXO is the perfect choice for all users wishing to scale the performance of their systems with minimum effort. With its uniform 50x50 aluminum casing, which can be fitted with a wide range of interfaces (Camera Link, GigE-Vision or USB3) and sensors (CCD or CMOS) depending on requirements, it can be customized to meet all system specifications with optimum effect.

The new second-generation Sony Pregius CMOS sensors reach a new level of precision in capturing fast-moving objects. This is because with its enhanced global shutter principle Sony almost completely avoids any distortion. In addition, the new-generation Pregius sensors with a pixel size of only 3.45 µm boast greater sensitivity and lower signal noise, thus ensuring extremely high dynamics and resolution on a smaller sensor area.

The second-generation Pregius sensors unleash their full capabilities in the EXO series. The extremely good connectivity of the high-precision CNC-machined aluminum camera body allows the sensor to make the most of its abilities thanks to perfect temperature management. The massive body ensures a perfect fit for the lens at all times, permitting, for example, the use of a large number of particularly small or large lenses without any loss of quality. In this way, the EXO can be customized even more flexibly to satisfy a large number of different requirements.

The mechanical precision and very good thermal characteristics are supplemented by state-of-the-art features such as a sequencer, burst mode and safe trigger, ensuring that the EXO provides optimum performance.

The integration of the light controller within the camera reduces the number of external components, cabling, software and development requirements. As a result, the user achieves unprecedented image quality in tandem with an extremely lean and cost-efficient set-up.

To sum up, the new Sony Pregius sensors are the new reference class in industrial machine vision. With its sophisticated design, the SVS-Vistek EXO helps users to make full use of the sensors’ capabilities. The unique concept implemented in the EXO constitutes the next technological step towards the perfect image in industrial machine vision by SVS-Vistek.

copyright title image: © SVS-Vistek GmbH

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