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A perfect partnership: the new bi-telecentric lenses from Moritex

29 March 2016 – Components
A perfect partnership: the new bi-telecentric lenses from Moritex
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Bi-telecentric lenses are a key component in high-precision measuring systems based on industrial machine vision. With its new range, our partner Moritex has recently launched telecentric lenses (MTL) and telecentric illuminators (MTI) meeting the highest standards.

The Japanese producer’s new lenses feature genuine bi-telecentric technology, meaning that they are telecentric on both sides. With Moritex’s unique production technologies, they achieve maximum resolution combined with minimum distortion and, in connection with SVS-Vistek cameras, are the ideal choice for high-end applications requiring maximum precision.

With the MTL range, Moritex has added a total of 33 models to its range of lenses, covering object field diameters of 100, 135, 150, 180, 195 and 265mm and sensor image field diameters of 11, 18, 23, 35 and 43mm. The latest sensor formats 1.1” (for 3.4 µm pixels), 4/3”, APC and 35mm for the C-Mount, M42, M58 and M72 camera connectors are also supported.

This range is being supplemented by six tailor-made telecentric illuminators (MTI range) for the corresponding object fields in reflector mode applications. The new Moritex bi-telecentric lenses are available exclusively from SVS-Vistek. More information can be found here. We will be pleased to advise you in person and send you offers for sample and series requirements.

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