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Better than the human eye

2 March 2022 – SVCam Products
Better than the human eye
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The human eye is incredibly precise. Nevertheless, when it comes to industrial inspection, it falls short compared to industrial cameras. With the right camera, the material-specific characteristics of targets can be fully and accurately inspected — literally “seeing the unseen” — so that a vision system’s reliability is significantly enhanced for optimal results. Properties of light that are invisible to the human eye make an important, rapidly increasing contribution to the reliability of industrial quality control.

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SWIR - The Classic Invisible

In applications such as detecting defects in semiconductor wafers, or locating contamination of food products, Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) inspection systems have already established themselves as proven solutions. Other use cases where SWIR has been highly successful can be found in the identification of materials and various chemicals, as well as in detecting moisture or liquids. More and more application developers are discovering the advantages of SWIR for reliable inspection. SVS-Vistek is an innovator in SWIR technology, having introduced a new line of cameras featuring the Sony SenSWIR sensor, which offers important advantages:

  • A single sensor for all wavelengths from 400 - 1,700nm.
  • High resolution, high dynamic range

State-of-the-art features of our SWIR cameras allow high-quality and cost-effective implementation of SWIR applications with outstanding image quality:

  • Increased dynamic range and best image homogeneity with 2-point NUC (non-uniformity correction)
  • Industrial design with GenTL drivers
  • Integrated power multi channel strobe controller
  • Economical GigE and powerful CoaXPress-12 interfaces

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Polarized Cameras - The Underrated Analyst

Polarized cameras are more than just suitable for reflection reduction. Reflection on non-metallic surfaces changes the polarization properties of the light, which is excellent for analyzing structures. Our high-resolution Polarized camera calculates the degree of polarization and polarization angle for each pixel from a single image. The inspection of carbon and composites as well as classically difficult objects such as black writing on a black background or mechanical stress analyses of transparent materials can be solved with our Polarized cameras.

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UV – Lighting Up New Possibilities

Until now and due to low resolution, the use of ultraviolet wavelengths in industrial inspection is less popular than SWIR based cameras. However, this has all changed with SVS-Vistek´s new UV camera boasting an ultra-sharp, high-resolution 8.1 megapixel sensor that opens up a broad new range of imaging possibilities in the UV range to reveal unseen product defects. As with our new SWIR cameras, our new high-performance UV camera is particularly suited for complex inspection tasks, such as those in the semiconductor, glass, recycling, precious stones, and automotive industries.

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The Lenses You Need

A camera’s imaging performance is only as good as the lens being used. Our SWIR, Polarized and UV cameras for the extended wavelength range often require special lenses, all of which can be purchased from our global distribution network. Contact SVS-Vistek today to benefit from the cross-industry experience of our imaging specialists and ensure that your application is both technologically excellent and economically attractive!

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