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Boost in speed for Camera Link cameras

13 June 2017 – SVCam Products
Boost in speed for Camera Link cameras
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New tap configuration accelerates data transfer by up to 50%

For many years, Camera Link has been an extremely successful protocol for controlling industrial cameras. Although a new protocol comes onto the market every few years, there are still reasons good reasons to stick with this proven and capable standard. The advantages that it provides include PoCL, high transfer rates, extremely low latency times, real-time pre-processing by the grabber and galvanic isolation.

Camera Link is now being offered in several different speeds as CL Base, CL Medium, CL Full and CL Deca with up to 80 bit. However, greater speeds can be achieved not only with other hardware but also through intelligent design.

The exo250, exo252, exo267 and exo304 cameras feature a new tap configuration (Geometry 1X3_1Y) that increases the frame rate by up to 50% using the existing hardware. This results in the following speeds (Camera, Resolution, Framerate 1x3): 


The exo174xCL will also be supported in the near future. Not all frame grabbers support this tap configuration. It has been tested successfully on the Euresys Grablink Full and Grablink Full XR. We will be happy to advise you or demonstrate the high speed that can be achieved with a cable length of up to 20 m.

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