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Global Shutter with 127 Megapixel -
shr661: the fat boy in machine vision

25 August 2021 – SVCam Products
Global Shutter with 127 Megapixel -
shr661: the fat boy in machine vision
© SVS-Vistek GmbH

More resolution! More image quality! With high-resolution machine vision systems, the smallest object structures are classified in the highest quality. However, all sensors available on the market with resolutions with 100 megapixel and above only use a rolling shutter. The new shr661 CMOS camera from SVS-Vistek can confidently be called a milestone in machine vision, because it offers an enormous resolution of 127 megapixels and, despite this extremely high resolution, works with a global shutter. It thus enables new applications in numerous fields of use.

Global Shutter – why?

CMOS camera sensors can be built in two different ways: With rolling shutter or with global shutter. With global shutter, in simple terms, all pixels of the sensor are exposed simultaneously and then read out. With rolling shutter, the sensor lines (overlapping) are exposed and read out one after the other. Rolling shutter sensors are technically easier to implement, which is why highest resolution cameras typically use this shutter variant. However, the time-shifted exposure of the lines in the rolling shutter results in different exposure times in the image field, which can lead to distortions and lighting-related pattern artifacts. Therefore, in applications with moving objects, the use of such sensors is very limited. In most machine vision applications, global shutter sensors are therefore used wherever possible. The shr661 is the first camera in this resolution class that can inspect moving objects (e.g. test specimens on a conveyor belt).

(© SVS-Vistek GmbH)

First on the market

As a recognized specialist for high-resolution industrial cameras, SVS-Vistek is the first manufacturer worldwide to show a camera with 127 megapixels and global shutter – the shr661. It is based on the Sony Pregius sensor IMX661 with a pixel size of 3.45 µm edge length. With this camera, all those tasks where a global shutter is helpful or even necessary are suddenly possible, even in the highest resolution. The image quality of the shr661 is the current high-end of industrial cameras.

Industry friendly

The design, which is consistently geared towards industrial use, facilitates integration into industrial applications. A wide temperature range in operation is made possible by SVS-Vistek’s proven, highly effective cooling system. The excellent thermal management ensures an even temperature distribution on the sensor and excellent image homogeneity with outstanding dynamic range. Despite the large sensor, the camera has a small, integration-friendly housing. The 3.45 µm pixels are not critical when choosing suitable lenses. And the high resolution of 13392 x 9528 pixels, together with the global shutter, reproduces the finest structures even with moving objects.

State of the art interfaces and high end features

The high data rate of the huge sensor of up to 2.2 GB/s requires modern, fast interfaces. By using the powerful CoaXPress-12 interface, the shr661 transmits up to 17 fps and in the version with 10GigE interface 6.5 fps are achievable.

Industrial cameras with the highest resolutions, such as SVS-Vistek's shr661, benefit especially from Flat Field Correction and Defect Pixel Correction, which can also be adapted by the user to the respective scenario. The shr661 can be operated with 8, 10 or 14 bit colour depth. In all colour depths, the outstanding homogeneity of the image is worth emphasizing.

(© SVS-Vistek GmbH)

Easy to integrate

As you would expect from SVS-Vistek cameras, integration of such a high performance camera is very simple. The I/O framework with multiple inputs and four power-out outputs supports precise triggering as well as sequencers and logical operators. The power-out outputs with the built-in strobe controller can drive LED lighting directly. The GenICam interface with GenTL interface enables easy integration into all major machine vision software packages within only a few minutes. SVS-Vistek’s shr661 is currently available as a demonstrator.

copyright title image: © SVS-Vistek GmbH

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