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hr51 with 51 megapixel and 10GigE live at VisionChina

24 October 2020 – SVCam Products
hr51 with 51 megapixel and 10GigE live at VisionChina

For the first time the new camera hr51MXGE with 10GigE interface from SVS-Vistek is presented live at VisionChina2020 (Shenzhen) in November 2020. With its resolution of 51 megapixels and state-of-the-art interfaces, it is ideally suited for a wide range of image processing applications. In addition, the hr51 is the perfect successor for applications with the OnSemi KAI-29050 CCD sensor, as it is a plug and play solution in terms of optical format.

51 megapixel in 4:3 format

The new hr51 from SVS-Vistek with 51 megapixel offers the brand new CMOS sensor GMAX4651 with global shutter from Gpixel and latest camera technology. The 4.6 x 4.6 µm pixels of the hr51 offer a resolution of 51 megapixel (8,424 x 6,032) and a dynamic range of up to 65 dB. This pixel size is also perfectly suited for a wide range of existing M58 lenses on the market.

Sensor specific image optimization

The basis for the outstanding image homogeneity of this sensor is the SVS image optimization, which can be selected specifically for entocentric or telecentric lenses. Like the other image corrections in the hr51, this one is also optimized for the GMAX4651 sensor is currently unique on the market.

Most advanced interfaces

The hr51 is available with the state-of-the-art CoaXPress (25 fps) and 10GigE (10 fps) interfaces. These two high-speed interfaces have established themselves as future-proof standards for the coming years and cover various requirement profiles.

Industrial features

Industrial features such as dust-free housing cooling, an integrated 4-channel flash controller and full operation via GenICam GenTL interface make integration easy and economical. The camera also allows easy drop-in replacement in existing applications in which the no longer available and in the industry extremely popular CCD sensor KAI-29050 was used. Sensor dimensions, pixel size and dynamic range of the hr51 are comparable to this sensor - with significantly higher speed and resolution.

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