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MORITEX’ new telecentric lenses

1 August 2018 – Components
MORITEX’ new telecentric lenses

The MML3-HR110DVI / VI-43F and MML1-SR65DVI-18C as well as the MML2-SR65DVI-18C lens from Moritex are part of the MML series that is ideal for use in high-resolution inspection applications.  

The new MML3-HR110DVI / VI-43F is especially made for tasks with large-size object elements. Additionally, the lenses MML1-SR65DVI-18C and MML2-SR65DVI-18C are the solutions for 1.1" sensors which – in combination with 12M cameras – enable wide-scope inspections of outstanding accuracy.

Both of the new high-performance MML-HR-43/35 series and MML-SR-18 series telecentric lenses are produced for large-size object elements. Combined with high-resolution cameras, the lenses enable wide-scope inspections of outstanding accuracy. Moreover, as a characteristic of telecentric optics, the lenses are able to accurately inspect and measure work of uneven height. 

Special characteristics of the new MML-HR-43/35 series and MML-SR-18 series telecentric lenses:

  • Applications: Various types of inspection and measurement, such as inspections of substrates and electronic parts  


Special characteristics specifically for the MML-HR-35 / 43 series:

  • Telecentric optical design
  • Magnification: 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 3x, and 4x
  • Large-size sensor compatible (sensor size for 35 and 43mm)
  • The most telecentric optical design for 5.5 µm/pix for camera pixel size
  •  High resolution design to 29M sensor
  • Adjustable to the best depth of field corresponding to variable iris
  • Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is available as Coaxial illumination
  • F mount
  • Often used with SVS-Vistek's hr120 and other cameras from the HR-Series


Special characteristics specifically for the newly announced MML 1-SR65DVI-18C and MML 2-SR65DVI-18C lenses: 

  • The most appropriate optical design for camera pixel size of 3.5µm
  • High resolution design to 12M 
  • Image format 18.5mm (1.1″ sensor)
  • Adjustable to the best depth of field corresponding to the variable iris
  • Magnification: 1x and 2x
  • Coaxial illumination is available
  • C mount
  • Often used with SVS-Vistek's 12MP cameras SVCAM -> exo304 Series (1.1″ 12MP) ; exo183 (1″ 20MP) 



Moritex’ high-quality telecentric lenses have become the industry standard for semiconductor, FPD, and other electronics manufacturing applications that require machine vision for recognition , mounting, alignment, and/or inspection. Moritex' lenses enable high contrast, high resolution and low distortion imaging with optional integrated coaxial illumination that utilizes its proprietary hot spot reduction techniques, fusing advanced optical designs with user-friendly features. Catalog specifications alone cannot convey the high level of Moritex's lens quality.

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