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New members for the EXO series

24 October 2016 – SVCam Products
New members for the EXO series
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X sensors, X interfaces - one body, one platform

Now with 9 and 12 megapixels for even more details - the EXO series is being enlarged with the addition of the latest Sony IMX-series CMOS sensors. Consequently, the EXO is the top choice in the high-resolution C-mount segment with a format of up to 1.1” and is able to make full use of the advantages offered by these Pregius sensors.

With its high-precision aluminum body, this robust camera is the ideal partner for high-precision lenses and is able to resist high physical strain and challenging ambient conditions. Thanks to a large number of uniformly positioned drilled holes, the EXO can be mounted precisely and securely, offering lenses reliable support. Depending on the image rate required, two versions each in the 9 and 12 MP resolution classes are available and are fitted with GigE-Visions of UBS3-Vision Interface.

SVS-Vistek has integrated a strobe controller in the EXO cameras. Up to four channels are supported with a maximum of 3 amperes (4IO), providing a broad range of possibilities for controlling the lighting in extremely confined spaces.

copyright title image: © SVS-Vistek GmbH

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