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The FXO gets fast,
special addition to the family

28 October 2022 – SVCam Products
The FXO gets fast, 
special addition to the family

A variant of the FXO cameras with special capabilities: SVS-Vistek introduces the ultraviolet camera fxo487, which is currently one of the most powerful UV cameras on the market with a maximum frame rate of 194 fps and 8.1 megapixel resolution.

Ultraviolet spectrum

With a resolution of 2840 x 2840 pixels and a maximum frame rate of 194 frames/s, the new fxo487 UV camera from SVS-Vistek opens up new possibilities for industrial inspection tasks in the ultraviolet wavelength range. In the past, the spectrum from approximately 200 to 400 nm was only a viable option in exceptional cases due to the possible, quite low resolutions. However, with the Sony sensor IMX487-AAMJ-C, a powerful technical basis for UV image processing systems is now available, which SVS-Vistek uses in the new fxo487 cameras. Due to the high resolution of 8.1 megapixels, this camera allows the acquisition of high-resolution UV images that allow reliable identification of product defects in the non-visible UV wavelength range. 

Fast and lossless transfer of data

SVS-Vistek's fastest UV model is the fxo487MCX12-2C with two CoaXPress-12 Connections, which ensure fast and lossless transfer of the high data volumes generated as well as low trigger latency. Technical features of the fxo487 such as the signal voltages, temperature resistance, input and output control, integrated strobe controller and numerous firmware features are geared towards applications in demanding industrial automation. They enable the solution of complex inspection tasks, e.g. in the battery, semiconductor, glass, recycling, gemstone and automotive industries. SVS-Vistek also has suitable lenses in its range for the UV cameras, which enable the construction of reliable UV image processing systems.

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