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Where we come from, who we are

Since 1987 we provide our customers with ideas and solutions for industrial image processing.

The major milestones of our company history.

  • 2020

    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Andreas Schaarschmidt, part of the management, is leaving the company.

    As one of the first camera manufacturers, SVS-Vistek offers the new Sony Pregius Gen. 4 sensors in serial production cameras with C-mount.

    Introduction of CoaXPress-12 interfaces with the new FXO series.


  • 2019

    The agreement on the acquisition of 100% of the shares in SVS-Vistek GmbH by TKH Group NL is announced. The purchase agreement was signed on 31.07. and the acquisition of the shares was therefore completed in the third quarter of the year.

  • 2018

    SVS-Vistek is the first industrial camera manufacturer worldwide to offer the Sony Polarized Sensor in camera serial production.

    The hr120 is produced in series with a Camera Link and CoaXPress interface.

    At the "Vision 2018" trade fair, SVS-Vistek presents the hr25, their first working 10GigE camera.


  • 2017

    SVS-Vistek introduces the hr120, the worlds first camera with a resolution of 120 MP. With the EXO tracer product line the available cameras with MFT support and telecontrol via ethernet are extended to resolutions up to 20 MP.
    With a growth rate of more than 40% 2017 becomes one of the most successful years in the now 30-year company history.

  • 2016

    SVS-Vistek presents the SHR series. With a resolution of 47 MP at 7 fps the new cameras enable completely new applications in machine vision.

  • 2015

    With its new EXO series SVS-Vistek introduces a consistent multi-sensor and multi-interface platform, including the first SVS-Vistek camera with USB-3 interface.
    In a revised edition the HR series offers the first cameras with the new CoaxPress and Camera Link Full interfaces.

  • 2014

    SVS-Vistek achieves the highest growth rate in company history. Ulf Weißer retires and leaves operative management.

  • 2013

    Henrik Ilsby joins the SVS-Vistek management. As new CCO he brings his long experience in strengthening international relationships to the company.

  • 2012

    SVS-Vistek presents the "EVO tracer" the first high-resolution industrial camera with full support of Micro-Four-Thirds bayonet: Focus, iris and zoom can be set via the Ethernet connection.

  • 2011

    With the BlackLine standard SVS-Vistek developed a new type of protection and connection concept, which caused a stir on the Vision 2011 and at the entire market. The newly introduced EVO series and the upgraded HR series set new global standards based on speed and resolution.

  • 2009

    Andreas Schaarschmidt comes as a member of the management to SVS-Vistek and takes part himself in the company in 2010. The distribution channels and marketing of the company are optimized.

  • 2008

    At Vision 2008 SVS-Vistek presents the SVCam-ECO series, at that time the smallest camera with GigE Vision standard in the world.

  • 2005

    SVS-Vistek develops the SVCam-CF series based on the GigE Vision standard, and is therefore a pioneer in the introduction of this powerful new technology.

  • 2002

    The first SVCam series is developed based on the Camera Link standard.

  • 2000

    SVS-Vistek develops and builds its first fully digital camera (LVDS).

  • 1998

    The two companies of Ulf Weisser (Vistek Optoelectronics GmbH) and Walter Denk (SVS) are combined to SVS-Vistek GmbH. Ulf Weißer brings the sales structures, his long experience and his market overview within the new company and Walter Denk his in-depth physical, software and system knowledge.

  • 1987

    Foundation of Vistek Optoelectronics GmbH by Ulf Weisser.