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Electronics and PCB

Electronics and PCB

Our electronics are becoming smaller, components are shrinking and packing density increasing. Given the restricted space, making machine-based visual checks of the boards and mounting indispensable, in 2D and in 3D. Mounting errors or board defects are therefore identified at the production stage.

The high resolutions and high interface performance of SVS-Vistek cameras allow precise assessments to be made about the quality of mountings along with high volume throughput.

That's what matters

  • Speed-optimized interfaces
    We offer the latest, fast sensors with various interfaces and all their advantages
  • Wide range of resolutions
    Different optical designs are available for specific tasks. We always favor the best optical solution for a perfect image, be that a small C-mount camera, or the APS-H sensor.

Typical fields of application & suitable cameras

Pick & place inspection

  • HR - resolution is king

    • Top resolutions up to 120 MP with CMOS and CCD sensors
    • High end sensors from Sony, CANON and On Semi
    • Fast interfaces (Dual GigE, Camera Link HS, CoaXPress 6 4-line)
    • Outstanding image quality parameters (homogeneity, dynamic range)
  • EXO - the integrator´s camera

    • Latest sensor technology from Sony, On Semi and CMOSIS
    • Excellent thermal design for best image uniformity
    • Machined housing for mechanical robustness and thermal performance
    • 3A max integrated 4-channel GenICam strobe controller
    • available with GigE Vision, Camera Link or USB3 interface
    • extended temperature range
  • Tracer - industrial camera with full control of zoom, focus, aperture

    • Full control of zoom, focus & aperture via GenICam property
    • Wide range of high quality MFT lenses available
    • Machined housing, up to 60°C operating temperature
    • GigE Vision interface with burst mode delivers best speed
    • Integrated 4-channel GenICam strobe controller 3A max
    • Extensive hardware feature set