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Film production

Limits expanded

Huge improvements in image quality of industrial cameras have resulted in a proliferation of industrial cameras in film production. The small and hugely reliable cameras generate images of excellent quality in processes where large-scale film technology has no access.

Whether in drones with acceleration rates of many g or in multi-cam systems: SVS-Vistek industrial cameras generate broadcast-standard image quality.

That's what matters

  • Precise cooperation
    If you want to virtualize 3D images, precise cooperation and timing of all connected cameras is essential to avoid image distortions. The excellent I/O timing of SVSCam cameras keep post production efforts low.
  • Variable lenses
    With our lens control and our MFT cameras we create focusable cameras via ethernet interface. In perfect optical quality better than 4k.
  • Robustness
    Machine vision cameras very often are used in extreme environments or hard shocks and vibration. A solid camera design is essential for this kind of advanced film sets.

Typical fields of application & suitable cameras

Multi camera head

  • EXO - the integrator´s camera

    • Latest sensor technology from Sony, On Semi and CMOSIS
    • Excellent thermal design for best image uniformity
    • Machined housing for mechanical robustness and thermal performance
    • 3A max integrated 4-channel GenICam strobe controller
    • available with GigE Vision, Camera Link or USB3 interface
    • extended temperature range

Remote camera

  • Tracer - industrial camera with full control of zoom, focus, aperture

    • Full control of zoom, focus & aperture via GenICam property
    • Wide range of high quality MFT lenses available
    • Machined housing, up to 60°C operating temperature
    • GigE Vision interface with burst mode delivers best speed
    • Integrated 4-channel GenICam strobe controller 3A max
    • Extensive hardware feature set