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Creating connections

A machine vision system comprises more than just an assembly of individual components. By adding know-how and industry experience to the equation, the full potential of the solution will be realized.

With more than 35 years experience in machine vision solutions, having pioneered many technical innovations, SVS-Vistek possesses deep knowledge that we are pleased to share with our OEM customers and system integrators in our "SVIndividual" service.

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Quality and reliability of a machine vision system depends on the harmonious interaction between camera, optics, illumination and processing algorithm. Selecting the required components is therefore crucial in ensuring that your system will perform perfectly when integrated to an entity.

Our expert staff has deep knowledge within the related disciplines and many years of experience in planning and realization of a wide variety of projects. They will guide you through our vast component offerings, helping you to identify the solution that best meets your needs. SVS-Vistek will be at your side throughout your whole development process, and naturally in the time to follow.

What we provide:

  • Guidance in the selection of suitable components for your system
  • Consultation and support throughout the development of the software solution
  • Recommendations and advice in finding a suitable system integrator

Customized cameras and components

As demands increasingly call for more complex systems, it is not uncommon that solutions beyond off-the-shelf technology and standard machine vision components need to be sourced.

For our OEM partners and system integrators, SVS-Vistek can adapt camera designs and tailor components; From non-branded housings all the way to your unique, application specific design.

What we provide:

  • Modified cameras (based on our SVCam camera platforms)
  • Personalized camera housings (non-branded or with your specific artwork)
  • Customized machine vision components (in cooperation with our vendors)
customized industrial cameras

Long term logistic solutions

Prompt, reliable and continuous supply of components is essential, especially when sourcing for major and complex projects. Backed by ISO 9001:2008 procedures and processes, SVS-Vistek is committed to providing individual logistic solutions and delivery assurances. When required, also stretching over several years.

What we provide:

  • Highest demands on quality of our components.
  • Second-to-none reliability in service and quality management.
  • Secure delivery logistics and availability.