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65 megapixel and global shutter: the new hr65 with 10GigE

23 February 2021 – SVCam Products
65 megapixel and global shutter: the new hr65 with 10GigE
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In machine vision, a global shutter is an extremely valuable asset in many applications, but most high-resolution cameras on the market are equipped with rolling shutters. SVS-Vistek’s new hr65 now combines high resolution with excellent image quality and global shutter.

High resolution vs global shutter

In the past year, a number of high-resolution image sensors have come onto the market. Most industrial cameras with resolutions of around 40 megapixels and more use a rolling shutter. Unfortunately, with rolling shutter sensors, not all lines of the image are exposed at the same time during operation. Very often this is an issue in image evaluation, especially in applications with moving objects.

With a global shutter, image acquisition is started simultaneously over the entire area of the image sensor and also completed simultaneously. Cameras with global shutter are preferred in machine vision because they avoid typical motion artifacts and complications with illumination.

The higher complexity of the global shutter sensor structure reduces the yield in production. For this reason, sensors with rolling shutters, which are easier to manufacture, are used more frequently in high-resolution cameras. However, there are many applications that can only be implemented with great effort or even not at all with a rolling shutter.

65 megapixel with global shutter

However, Gpixel’s new GMAX3265 sensor with global shutter satisfies the needs of integrators in the realization of demanding machine vision tasks. In SVS-Vistek’s new hr65 with 65 megapixel resolution (9344 x 7000 pixels), a highly developed temperature management system ensures optimal cooling and thus an outstanding image quality of the 29.9 x 22.4 mm sensor. A wide range of lenses is available on the market for its pixel size of 3.2 µm and the 4:3 image format. A typical field of application for this camera is flat panel inspection.

Modern 10GigE, industrial features

As typical for SVS-Vistek, the hr65 camera is equipped with all industrial features of a modern industrial camera. Region-of-interest, lookup tables, binning, image flip and sequencer are all adjustable via GenICam or GenTL, as well as the integrated 4-channel strobe controller. All major machine vision software packages can integrate the camera via GenTL support. An SDK is also available.

The camera with an M58 lens mount and 10GigE network interface is available to be ordered in color (hr65CXGE) and monochrome (hr65MXGE). At full resolution, it delivers a framerate of 11 fps. It is also optionally available with PoE to simplify integration.

copyright title image: © SVS-Vistek GmbH
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