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A cup of coffee with Sebastian Bachmann

1 March 2016 – SVCam Products
A cup of coffee with Sebastian Bachmann
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Three questions for Sebastian Bachmann. As a field application engineer, he has been supporting SVS-Vistek's sales department since October 2015, assisting our customers all around the world.

What are your wishes for 2016?
I would like to be involved in many exciting and challenging applications, help our customers in implementing their ideas and offer them the right solution as quickly as possible.

What are your duties at SVS-Vistek?
I advise our customers on technical matters and support them with the design and selection of appropriate components. As the interface between our customers, the sales department and our development department, I coordinate all the requirements directly, thus developing the optimum solution.

What projects are you working on at the moment?
We will be releasing a number of new cameras featuring new sensors in the near future. I am responsible for final testing. Each sensor has its own requirements and all camera components must be balanced very carefully to ensure that they work together perfectly. Only in this way can we offer our customers a reliable product from the outset.

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