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Cool performance: The FXO series with CoaXPress-12

22 January 2021 – SVCam Products
Cool performance: The FXO series with CoaXPress-12
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Image acquisition with CoaXPress always had a touch of exotic and expensive. The FXO series with CoaXPress-12 shows that an excellent picture with a high-end interface and an attractive TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is affordable for everyone thanks to modern camera construction.

Technical advantages of CoaXPress

CoaXPress has always met the technical requirements of vision integrators very well. The long cable lengths of up to 35 m, the stable data connection to the camera, the deterministic protocol with the highest transmission rates and the thin cables with the possibility of powering the camera via the data line. However, all of these technical advantages have a commercial disadvantage: CoaXPress requires a high-priced frame grabber, which is reflected in the system price, especially when working with several CoaXPress lines.

CoaXPress-12 is just better

CoaXPress-12 (or CoaXPress 2.0) can do even more than the previous CoaXPress-6. The transmission rate has been increased to 12.5 Gbit/s per line and can handle the entire bandwidth of the latest Pregius Gen4 sensors from Sony with just one line. The significant improvement in the upload speed to 41.6 Mbps helps everyone who wants to forego hardware triggering and can now control the camera much more precisely using a software trigger with fewer cables (almost 600kHz trigger frequency in single trigger message mode).

Interface affects image quality?

Another factor that is largely underestimated is the effect of the interface on the image quality itself: The CoaXPress-12 protocol is implemented extremely efficiently and, as part of the camera, hardly generates any heat. If, for example, the same FXO camera is operated with 10GigE (a very inexpensive and powerful protocol), it is immediately noticeable that the FXO with CoaXPress-12 is comparatively much cooler in operation. The lower temperature of the camera has a direct effect on the noise behavior of the sensor and thus on the image quality. The FXO with the Pregius Gen4 sensors from Sony can perfectly deliver the extremely high quality in terms of noise and homogeneity of the image right through to the image acquisition.

Economic benefits of CXP-12

The high bandwidth of CoaXPress-12 enables operation with a very cheap single-lane frame grabber in almost all applications. Tn terms of pricing and TCO, the bundle camera with frame grabber is quite comparable to a 10GigE solution with a high-quality 10GigE card. You also get the well-known advantages that make CoaXPress-12 so superior as a protocol over other variants.

The FXO series with CoaXPress-12

The FXO series is the latest camera series of SVS-Vistek industrial cameras with C-mount and high-quality Sony Pregius Gen4 sensors. With a dynamic range of approximately 70 dB, excellent sensitivity, homogeneity and exceptionally good noise behavior, it is currently the reference for the best image quality from industrial cameras. The CoaXPress interface also enables the highest frame rates.

As standard, all cameras in the FXO series have industrial features such as multi-channel 24V I/O with logic module, sequencer and integrated multi-channel strobe controller up to 3A.

The following cameras from the FXO series are currently available with CoaXPress-12:

  • FXO540: 24,5 MP, 5320x4600 Pixel, 30,1 fps
  • FXO541: 20,2 MP, 4480x4504 Pixel, 35,7 fps
  • FXO542: 16,1 MP, 5320x3032 Pixel, 45 fps
  • FXO545: 12,3 MP, 4096x3000 Pixel, 61 fps
  • FXO547: 5 MP, 2448x2048 Pixel, 123 fps
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