On board cameras of SVS VISTEK

Premiere. A team of German pilots of the Mountain Wave Project (MWP) and Scientists from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) succeeded, they flew the highest mountain in the world with a motor glider. For the first time they flew at 8,848 meters - almost only with the help of Thermals - on board the special 3D camera system, MACS. The new camera system was developed at DLR-security research center. It provides the basis for a highly accurate 3D model of the Nepalese Everest region with a resolution of up to 15 centimeters.

The heart of the measuring system realized by three cameras was manufactured by SVS-VISTEK. The Cameras (HR series with 16MP and GigE-Ethernet) have been inclined to each other and allow an accurate analysis of slopes. In many regions of the world slopes have shown to be particularly relevant in case of avalanches. These spots can only be played back limitedly by satellites. In advance many tests were necessary. Simulated levels of height and negative temperatures down to minus 35 degrees Celsius. All for this one moment of precision and glory…

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