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FXO ready to deliver

25. Januar 2022 – SVCam Produkte
FXO ready to deliver
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The FXO series is our latest C mount performance camera series. State-of-the-art image sensors from Sony set standards for image quality in industrial vision and are operated at maximum frame rate. A high in-house production depth and a network of regional suppliers enable the availability of this outstanding camera series even in times of globally endangered supply chains.

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FXO with 5-24.5 MP for highest demands

The Sony Pregius S image sensors of the FXO series combine seemingly contradictory requirements with state-of-the-art backlight technology: An image with a typical 72dB dynamic range is generated from small 2.74µm pixels with a global shutter. The outstanding image quality of the Sony sensors complements the FXO series with the currently most powerful interfaces in the field of industrial vision. Either the 10GigE interface for inexpensive packet-oriented use cases or the CoaXPress-12 interface for requirements with lowest latency.

Industrial features facilitate integration

The FXO is packed with the latest technical features of a highly modern camera series, enabling integration into the application in record time. In addition to standard functions such as ROI, LUT and binning, there are also features such as PTP or ColorTransform, which go far beyond normal white balance. A 4-channel LED strobe controller drives LED lighting directly or in connection with the integrated sequencer via the integrated power-out outputs. The complex construction guarantees excellent temperature distribution on the sensor at operating temperatures up to 60°C.

Supply chains Germany (© SVS-Vistek)

Regionally based production

A major advantage of our production pipeline is the strongly regional structure of our partners and suppliers. This means that modifications and customer requirements can be implemented as quickly as possible and logistical dependencies in production technology can be reduced. In the current times of delivery difficulties and lack of resources, this local network of suppliers and partners, which has been stable for years, proves to be a stroke of luck for us and ensures our customers the short-term availability of our cameras.

Test us!

Whether our FXO series as a performance series with CoaXPress-12 and 10GigE or our EXO series as a high-quality camera series when the highest speeds are not required - we deliver even in difficult times. For sensors with small pixels, we also offer the right lenses to achieve the highest quality image acquisition.

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