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New camera models in the FXO series with 8 and 12 MP

28. Juni 2021 – SVCam Produkte
New camera models in the FXO series with 8 and 12 MP
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The latest additions to the FXO camera series are called fxo545 and fxo546. The cameras are equipped with high-quality Sony Pregius S sensors and have resolutions of 8.1 (fxo546) and 12.3 megapixels (fxo545). They are connected via single-channel CoaXPress-12 interface or 10GigE interface. 

(© SONY)

Outstanding image quality

Since their introduction, Sony's 4th generation Pregius S sensors have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in image processing thanks to their high light sensitivity, great homogeneity and outstanding image quality. The combination of small pixels of only 2.74 x 2.74 µm in back-illuminated technology with a global shutter also ensures outstanding images with low noise in SVS-Vistek’s camera models fxo545 and fxo546. With outstanding quantum efficiency, these sensors are currently the qualitative reference in the field of C-mount cameras.

(© SVS-Vistek GmbH)

Interfaces for High Performance

CoaXPress-12 and 10 GigE, currently the most powerful interfaces on the market, perfectly fulfill users' desire for fast data transmission in SVS-Vistek’s cameras fxo545 and fxo546,  delivering a frame rate of 88 (fxo546) and 61 (fxo545) frames/s respectively. Both interfaces score with special features that can be the decisive characteristic in the application. Among other things, CoaXPress allows cable lengths of up to 25 meters, guarantees an extremely stable data rate thanks to its excellent jitter and latency behavior and simplifies power supply to the camera by using PoCXP (Power over CoaXPress).

When using cameras with 10GigE interface, even up to 100 meters distance between camera and PC are possible. Users of 10GigE models benefit from existing Ethernet networks, as the control and behavior of 10GigE cameras is exactly the same as that of the established and widespread GigE cameras. In addition, a particular advantage of the 10GigE models fxo545MGXE and fxo546MGXE is the integrated large image memory, which supports fast triggering of image sequences at high speeds, the so-called Burst Mode, independent of the network load.

Perfectly prepared for various applications

Impeccable images and fast data transmission are indispensable features of an industrial camera, but other characteristics also count for trouble-free use in practice. In the fxo545 and fxo546 cameras, the developers at SVS-Vistek have implemented numerous field-proven functions.
For example, integrated Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) for analyzing flows is possible in the CoaXPress models.The Sony Pregius S sensor being used supports interframe times of up to 2 µs.
The Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is extremely helpful, especially in multi-camera systems, to trigger all cameras in a network via synchronous time stamps at fixed defined times and to evaluate the images precisely. PTP is integrated into the GenICam tree on all FXO cameras with 10GigE interface to ensure the easiest possible operation. 

(© SVS-Vistek GmbH)

Easy to integrate

The proven I/O framework ‚4I/O-Matrix‘ from SVS-Vistek, controlled via GenICam and integrated into the GenICam tree, is also part of the fxo545 and fxo546 cameras. With its four power-out channels, it allows direct control of LED strobe lights without an additional strobe controller. The used PWM technology sets standards with regard to the precision of flashed illuminations. In addition, further functions such as ROI, binning, lookup tables, SafeTrigger, programmable timers, logic functions (PLC) or sequencers offer the user all the necessary options of a modern industrial camera. The C/CS Mount enables the connection of suitable optics for the respective task. With their thermally optimized, solid, milled housings, the fxo545 and fxo546 cameras provide excellent temperature management and are suitable for operating temperatures of up to 60 °C for most sensors. Both camera models are available in monochrome and color variants.

Their outstanding image quality, high speed and technical features make SVS-Vistek’s new cameras fxo545 and fxo546 the best choice for applications in the resolution range of up to 8 or 12 megapixels.

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